5 Mindfulness Techniques for Your NEW DAY!

Most of us notice the feeling of regret, guilt, or some form of pain from our past and experience anxiety about what tomorrow may bring.  Society plagues us with the cares of this life that often, we don't enjoy the very present moment we are living in.

Mindfulness is a form of self-awareness that helps us to be 'In the Moment'.  The basics of mindfulness helps us to pay attention to the present moment and disengage from the mental clutter and chatter that fills our minds.


Here are 5 ways to assist you to becoming more mindful and to start living in and enjoying the very present moment of today.

1.  One Minute Exercise.Find a comfortable sitting position. With your back straight, look at a clock or your watch for exactly one minute.  Focus ALL of your attention only on your breathing. Notice while inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth, your rhythm, the warmth of your breath.  Sounds very simple, but your mind will tend to wonder.  Begin training your mind to FOCUS on your breathing. Once you have mastered 1 minute, increase it until you have practiced your Mindful exercise for at least 5 minutes.  One Day at a Time.

2.  Listen to instrumental, calming music.  If you become overwhelmed or anxious from the fast pace of the day, take time out and listen to music (I have a music link on this web site you can practice with). Really LISTEN to the music, each instrument.  Train your mind to be present.  Not entertaining what just happened, or what was just said by a co-worker or friend, enjoy the moment and learn to relax and be in the moment.

3.  Take a Mindful 5 Minute Walk.  If you have an opportunity to surround yourself with nature, do it!  Take a stroll for 5 minutes and listen to the nature around you, watch the birds, or while walking, pay close attention to how the ground feels under your feet.  Anything to take your mind off of the anxiousness that comes throughout the day.  

4.  Mindful Eating.  Sit quietly. Alone. Enjoy your meal without being rushed. Take small bites and notice how the food feels, taste, and is disolved in your mouth.  Think about the texture and how it feels on your tongue, how your saliva is breaking it down for better digestion.  Be in the Moment.

5.  Un-tunnel Vision.  Often times when we are anxious or worried, we are focused on one-point.  Change your perspective by reminding yourself there are often other options, alternatives to decisions. Stand erect, begin to lift your arms up towards the ceiling until you can see your hands with your peripheral vision.  Begin to wiggle your fingers, continue lifting both your hands up extending your arms over your head.  While taking a slow deep breath,  lower your arms until you begin seeing your hands and fingers wiggling again.  Meanwhile, you have adjusted your focus. Enjoy the very present moment.

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